Dominik in Switzerland

Dear Mr. Faller

Thank you very much for your adjustments! Thanks to your know-how and your support, I was able to make my dream come true. We now enjoy the sound, clear and direct almost like in the chamber music hall with the help of a normal-sized audio system/speakers in our living room! And without (ugly) acoustic elements. The Illusonic processor is really an ingenious instrument, firstly it enabled me to activate my originally passive loudspeakers, then also to change the tweeters and to use the power amplifier according to my taste, secondly a professional room adjustment and thirdly an almost incredible sound improvement through the newly updated ‚Clarity’-tool. With the new ‘Clarity’ setting we experience musical flights of fancy concerning transparency and precision that touches me again and again: the music is so clear and free of discoloration also in vocal recordings. Perhaps - sometime in the future - we will reconsider the traditional stereo design in favor of an additional center speaker or replace/upgrade the speakers with others due to newer developments, the illusonic will remain true to us, as thanks to free access to updates, we always stay up to date with the latest software developments of the innovative Illusonic-team.

Best regards
Dominik, Basel



Neill in the UK

A few years back I invested in a very nice pair of electrostatic hybrids made by Roger Sanders in Colorado. These are active speakers and came with a perfectly functional but rather gaudy professional crossover (1U rack size and LOTS of lights). The sound was lovely but I soon started looking around for something a bit more attractive as a crossover

I eventually landed at the Illusonic website and decided an IAP4 would suit my needs perfectly. Clearly a well constructed and thought out piece of kit it had the DSP room correction and active crossovers I needed all in a single, discrete and attractive box. The UK dealer (Keith at Purite Audio) was extremely helpful and brought the IAP4 out to me and set it up, all the while in contact with Christof in Switzerland giving advice and creating the necessary room correction filters there and then. The sound was divine and I was a very happy customer

In the years since then I have tweaked the system numerous times (as any audiophile knows there is ALWAYS some improvement to be had!), changed components and even moved house. I have measured my room innumerable times (it’s really very straightforward to do) and throughout all of this Christof has been there for me, an email away, with advice, guidance and, of course, a ready supply of updated tweaks to the IAP4s excellent DSP engine. I listen to music now more than I ever have and still marvel at the sheer believability of the sound. And I know that when I move house again and set the whole thing up in a completely different acoustic space, that within a few hours Christof will have reproduced for me the current sense of wonder

The IAP4 is a very serious piece of kit. It is well built, very flexible, oozes class and has as much future proofing as is realistically possible. The sound is exceptional and the customer service and support I have had from Christof has been quite genuinely second to none. If you can justify a purchase you will not regret it.




Steve in Switzerland

Hello Christof,
time flies, I had a busy month at work, no summer vacation,  and finally the last few weeks things calmed down to more normal.
Slowly had enough time to relax and listen … and I continue to be amazed by what you’re done.

First I had some fun comparing the Illusonic side by side to my PS Audio Perfect Wave II, together with an Aesthetix Calypso preamp (otherwise running through the same power amp and speakers). With the Illusonic on “flat”, there is already much more detail than with the PS Audio / Calypso combo, which is already a very musical combination. What I find impressive is that the Illusonic, although solid state, has a super musical feeling, which I otherwise have only achieved by combining the solid state Perfect Wave with the tube/hybrid Calypso preamp. I don’t like listening to the Perfect Wave with its digital preamp directly to the power amp. But I love the way the Illusonic sounds direct to the power amp, no tube preamp needed.  The list price of the Perfect Wave + Calypso combo is similar to the Illusonic by itself, so already the Illusonic is competitive, before even considering the additional capabilities of the Illusonic.

Next, the EQ, phase and timing corrections which you provided for my room make a huge difference. No unnatural resonance in some of the base frequencies, no annoying reflections at some of the high frequencies, more power in the segments that were missing, especially in the base and mid range. In short, the room corrections balance the annoying parts of listening spectrum which result from the logical chain through the power amps, speakers and the room. This puts the sound overall way beyond what is possible with my previous system, and probably not even possible with systems much more expensive. I am surprised that this concept of precise room EQ has not caught on more in the high fidelity market. It seems so obvious! A studio engineer understands that the room is perhaps the largest part of the equation but but yet few audiophiles seem to measure it and correct for it as Illusonic does (multiple point measurement, multiple dimension correction!) , instead preferring to spend more money on speakers and amps.

Finally, the depth immersion settings which you have defined also make a significant difference. The resulting sound is very, VERY live. It is genuinely like having the live concert or studio sound at home. A further benefit is that it seems to make the sweet spot larger. Listing from the dinner table, or the bar or kitchen no longer feels at a large disadvantage to the sweet spot on the sofa. The difference is much more like moving around in a concert hall. The sound changes somewhat, but you have the feeling that the band is still there, live on stage.

All in all, I can’t think of any specific changes to ask for in the settings. I will have to play with it a little myself, and start to learn how the settings change the listening experience. As it stands now without any further changes, it is a real pleasure!  One of the biggest tests for me is listening to voices that I know well – here the Illusonic with the room correction and the depth immersion is truly amazing in how natural the listening experience is, as though the singer was a guest at home.

I’m very curious what the next update will bring, it will be improvements on a very high level!
If there is anything I can help with in your marketing, or as a reference, let me know very happy to help bring what you’ve created to more listeners.

Kind Regards
Steve L.

Original IAP 16 Explained | 2013



Patrik Schwitter | Recording Mixing Mastering

Patrik Schwitter is a reknown engineer and producer of more than 1000 music productions. Amongst many others, he has worked with artists of Madonna, Sting, Miles Davis, Peter Gabriel, and Stevie Wonder productions.

This is what Patrik says about the Immersive Audio Processor: “How does this precious black box from Illusonic achieve it, to generate from a conventional stereo signal a 15.1 surround signal, that sounds so natural and unaltered? Above all, the sound elements of the music are not diluted, but are extracted and refined, and reproduced over the many loudspeakers. But even with just two or three loudspeakers, the listening experience is surprisingly enhanced. The listening ears are delighted. I am amazed!”.

Original IAP 16 Hardware Design | 2011