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IAP Fall 2022 Release (8.4)

Major revision of immersive upmix and clarity

Abschiedskonzert Fabio Luisi

Farewell concert livestream and video with 3D audio

Remote Tuning of Automobiles

APEI Webinar - Remote Sound Tuning of Automobiles

Opera Zurich Stage Monitoring

Can Clarity improve monitoring on opera stage?

Opera Zurich Studio Stage

Clarity test on studio stage

IAP March 2021 Update

A major update to Immersive: IAP 8.1

APEI: COMSOL & Illusonic

APEI Webinar - Acoustic Results for Automotive Cabin Simulations

IAP Control

We just released our first iOS app on Apple’s App Store

AES 147th Convention, New York

We are presenting two breakthrough innovations @ AES Convention

Klangschloss 2019

All about three-channel stereophony

AES 146th Convention, Dublin

Illusonic presents its latest innovations at preeminent pro-audio convention.

Spatial Ambisonics Equalizer

Modifies different objects in A/B-Format separately!

Dynamic Range for IAP

Integrating Dynamic Range into IAP’s digital signal processor.

Dynamic Range

Finalizing Tuning of “Dynamic Range”.

IAP now featuring HDMI 2.0b

As of today, all IAP models ship with HDMI 2.0b

Illusonic @ Montreux Jazz 2018

Montreux Jazz compact car with built-in IAP 16.

About Filters

Christof Faller talks about filter types, design, and fundamental limitations. With audio examples.

High End Munich 2018 Installation

A movie showing installation of our demo room, including a sound transparent wall.

Montreux Jazz Cafe @ EPFL Lausanne

Montreux Jazz Cafe uses Illusonic Room EQ and Immersive.

Stereophile Recommended Component

Our Immersive Audio Processor has been chosen by Stereophile editors to be included in this list.

Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab

A fantastic state-of-the-art multimedia cocoon.

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