Visit Us at High End Munich 2018

It's Just About Sound

in Room F231B (Atrium 4.2)

This year, Illusonic will again exhibit at the world’s large Hi-Fi exhibition, High End Munich 2018. We are just about sound and will again feature a sound transparent wall (STW) to hide the audio equipment. Just listen, it’s just about sound! You can look behind the STW, to see which modern precision audio components enable the amazing sound. Optimised by an Illusonic Audio Processor (IAP).

Timeless Quality

A lot of R&D went into IAP since last year. IAP is the audio processor evolving constantly, without a need for hardware upgrade. Our first 2011 model gets still, and will for long, get new firmware/software updates. Our goal ist to build timeless audio processors, timeless Preamp-Processor-DACs, with the most innovative and best signal processing inside.

For Whatever Scenario

The various models (IAP 2, IAP 4, IAP 8, IAP 16) cover any imaginable application scenario, from audiophile 2-channel stereo, to active cross-overs, to subwoofers, to multi-channel and immersive audio, and multiroom systems. Illusonic’s service optimizes any of these scenarios in an unprecedented way.