IAP Update Spring 2017

The Winter 2017 IAP Firmware/Software update (Version 5.1.0) refines all IAP models, from IAP 2 to IAP 16. Besides many under the hood refinements, new features have been added.

Firmware update of IAP retains all settings. Without any further work, IAP will function as before. Also, the latest IAP softwares can open files from previous software versions.

For given settings, the sound does not change. Only if for example the new equalisers are explicitly used, will sound change, over previous IAP firmwares.

The update is available here.

New Equalizer Types

Previously six parametric equaliser types were supported (Bell, low/high shelving, low/high pass, allpass). 17 new types have been added. Primarily the intention was to provide many more options to optimise cross-overs. IAP Calibration fully supports all new equaliser types.

IAP Calibration

A major update of IAP Calibration is included in this IAP update. The most powerful acoustic measurement/analysis/simulation/optimisation tool available, has been further advanced. Besides the dozens of improvements, distortion measurement has been added. Making it easy to detect issues in your HiFi system (defects, undesired vibrations, etc.).


Detailed List of Additions and Improvements

Below is a detailed list of changes of this latest update, compared to the previous major update version (Winter 2017 Update).


– fixed bug, where SPDIF input could be unreliable
– added support for many new EQ types
– fixed bug related to source input delay
– if no center channel, or center strength=0, FL/FR are passed through bit-identically, as in bypass

IAP Controller Software

– added strict condition to work only with current IAP firmware
– added support for 17 new EQ types

IAP Calibration Software

– added strict condition to work only with current IAP firmware
– added support for 17 new EQ types
– added function to save plots as high resolution .png files
– new distortion analysis tool
– distortion panel with many options
– distortion analysis feature in time plots
– increased max number of microphone positions from 24 to 32
– improved plots: now thicker average lines are behind
– improved precision of time plots (more points, etc.)
– improved amplitude range handling for time plots
– fixed a drawing issue of time plots on the left edge
– improved y-axis ticks (adaptive number of ticks)
– made automatic gain/delay estimation more precise
– fixed bug with normalization of measurements
– now peak is shown after measuring each mic position
(before it was only shown after the complete measurement series)
– fixed an incompatibility with files of old IAP Calibration version
– fixed bug where subsonic filter was not simulated if bass management on but inactive (quite a rare scenario)
– major update of verification measurement feature
– fixed bug where gain-delay/eq/bmgt/tone-control on/off would not properly switch IAP (was not an issue during normal operation)