Immersive Audio Processor Version 4.0

Venerable Immersive Audio Processor reborn again.

A year of intensive work on IAP 16 firmware bears its fruits: Firmware Update 4.0 & greatly improved IAP Controller and IAP Calibration softwares.

Based on user requests, we have added:

– more equalizers (6 per channel)
– more subwoofers (up to 4)
– more IR remote control commands
– active crossovers (up to 4-way)
– lock settings feature
– standby LED brightness
– Windows 8 support

IAP Calibration software and Illusonic Calibration Service cover all new features (up to four subwoofers, active crossovers), to make sure every system with every feature is ultimately optimized.

Other improvements:
– major update to IAP Controller software
– major update to IAP Calibration software

Check out the updated Immersive Audio Processor (IAP 16) page!