IAP Summer 2018 Update

IAP Version 6.1 Firmware/Software Update features a breakthrough new function:


In a way, it acts like adding absorbers and bass traps to your room. A more in-depth discussion is below.

The Summer 2018 IAP Firmware/Software updates all IAP models to the latest state. Below are highlights and a detailed list of changes.

The update is available here.

Shown with Great Success at High End Munich

We showed a pre-release version if IAP 6.1 at High End Munich a few weeks ago.

Hiding audio equipment behind a sound transparent wall, people came to our room, more to listen, less to look.

We have never gotten as positive feedback on the sound on a show before. We have had surprisingly transparent sound, people noticed that by listening. No need to talk about it.


What is Clarity?

Clarity can be fine tuned from off to maximum. When you enable clarity and increase it, you’ll hear this:

– there seems to be less interaction of the sound with the room

– bass becomes more defined

– a bit like if you’d use absorbers and bass traps

– sound is more intimate, instruments are more in your room (versus playback of instruments recorded in another room)

How Does Clarity Work?

Obviously, what Clarity does perceptually, is physically impossible! We can not modify a sound signal prior to playback such that the room acts as if it would have more absorbers and bass traps. In the following, different lines of thoughts explain Clarity:

Believe it or not, but good musicians will adapt to the acoustic. For example, if you have an acoustic bass player in a bass-resonating room, he plays differently, to make it sound nicer under the given acoustic conditions. This also works for other acoustic instruments, such a violins.

From this perspective, one way of viewing Clarity, is, that it slightly modifies the music to sound better under too reverberant conditions. Strength of Clarity can be controlled, i.e. the degree to which the music is modified is adapted to the user’s acoustic conditions.

Clarity works differently for bass and higher frequencies. Due to multiband limiting, music has often a continuously rumbling bass. And it becomes worse, if additionally the listening room has bass resonances. Clarity also restores more dynamic range in the bass.

Different sound engineers do their mixes differently. But there is not a single mix which is optimal for all acoustic conditions. For example, if you have a reverberant room and if you are far away from the loudspeakers, a dry mix will do better than a reverberant mix.

From this perspective, if your room is too reverberant, or if you are far away from the loudspeakers, Clarity will modify the mix such that it works better under these conditions. If the given mix is already dry, Clarity will do nothing.

Well known in virtual acoustics, mixes should be done from dry sources, because when you apply a reverb on a source which has already reverb, the result will be sub-optimal. Clarity counteracts two cases of “reverb-cascade” problem: reverb in the mix and your room’s reverb, reverb in the mix and Illusonic Depth/Immersion.

3-Stage Optimisation


It's Simple!

While it takes skills and experience to optimise a room, we have a simple solution:

It is easy to measure your system and room with IAP Calibration software.

Send us the data plus documentation.

We’ll optimise Calibration, Clarity, and Immersion for you.

We are open. If you love to play with things, you can. You have the same software as we do.

Calibration, Clarity, and Immersive

IAP Calibration software allows to measure a sound system multi-point and to optimise it linearly. The resulting room eq (and if applicable crossovers) reduce bass resonances and undesired coloration of sound.

In rooms without extensive acoustic treatment, after Calibration, things are better, but still not ideal. Clarity allows you to go a step further.

Depth/Immersion (short: “Immersion”) does the opposite. It adds again more room sound, but without adding coloration. Like this, sound can be made more spacious and enveloping.

Detailed List of Additions and Improvements

Below is a detailed list of changes of this latest update, compared to the previous major update version (Spring 2018 Update).

Firmware IAP 2/4/8/16

– new function “Clarity”
– improved dereverb before depth/immersion
– improved depth (cleaner, yet wider sounding, better on reverberant voices)
– remove immersive dry center option (for now just hidden, always off)
– retuned depth/immersion scale to improve 50% default

IAP Controller Software

-added Clarity to Immersive Settings
-fixed some dialog boxes not showing correctly under Win 10
-remove (hide for now) dry center function, always off now

IAP Calibration Software

-added support for Clarity
-fixed some dialog boxes not showing correctly under Win 10