IAP Spring 2018 Update

IAP Version 6 Firmware/Software Update. Three main features

– Spectacularly Immersive

– Listening with different orientations

– IAP Calibration 6.0

The Spring 2018 IAP Firmware/Software updates all IAP models to the latest state. Below are highlights and a detailed list of changes.

The update is available here.

Spectacularly Immersive

Depth/Immersion now more spectacular and more clean.

Amazing how sound becomes more spacious, even with only two loudspeakers. Not to mention the immersion which is generated with multi-loudspeaker setups.

We have put months of effort into revising IAPs’ Depth/Immersion algorithms. A goal has been to make their effect more balanced across different music. Ideally a single Depth/Immersion setting should work well for all types of music. We have come closer to that goal, by introducing new mechanisms which automatically adapt Depth/Immersion levels to the source – like a couple of little sound engineers hidden within IAP, actively mixing Depth/Immersion.

Additionally, we have improved the de-reverb algorithms on Depth/Immersion inputs, to “un-cloud” the signals before generating early and diffuse reverberation. This makes sound cleaner in general and prevents unpleasant “reverb cascade” effect.


Listening with Different Orientations

Orientation is a new feature, apply to any loudspeaker setup with surround channels.

By the touch of a button, you can change the orientation of the sound:

– frontal: default listening, sound stage is in front

– rear: sound stage is reproduced by surround loudspeakers

– side: sound stage is on left or right side

– party: sound is reproduced from everywhere

Why would one want to do this?

Well, why not once listening with an orientation towards the window? Or have a joint-audiophile and movies setup, where frontal orientation is used for movies and rear orientation for music?

Orientation works by the touch of a button! All is automatic, all is always optimal. Immersive keeps working. Calibration and crossovers remain optimal.

You can define an orientation in each sound settings preset.

IAP Calibration 6.0

A number of installers and sound engineers have been using IAP Calibration and have enjoyed its real-time operation (as you move controls, sound reacts instantly, like on a mixing console) and numerous AB comparison options.

We have enhanced and improved IAP Calibration based on pro user’s feedback:

– faster real-time operation, AB now always instant, before/after also instant (this required also changes in IAP’s firmware)

– new current eq (and linked eqs) enable/disable to quickly AB listen to one eq

– new eq overal gain, for improved AB comparison eq versus eq bypass

– new improved subwoofer/crossover features, aiding time alignment, bass cancellation calibration, etc.

Detailed List of Additions and Improvements

Below is a detailed list of changes of this latest update, compared to the previous major update version (Winter 2018 Update).

Firmware IAP 2/4/8/16

– upmix 6.1: depth/immersion improvements
– extended output gain trim range to +-12dB, added channel mute option
– new features eq gain and orientation
– improved timing smoothness, less display/communications blocking when changing params
– IAP 2/4/8: increased max preset name to 14 characters (full display width, before 12 char)
– fixed bug in update script, which would fail update of HDMI 2.0b chipsets
– IAP 16: fixed bug, SUB (ch 16) can not be channel copy destination
– fixed bug, where when Immersive was off, it was not entirely switched off
– fixed bug, where new LP/HP types were disabled when eq was set to off (now all LP/HP always on, to keep crossovers always on)

IAP Controller Software

– added warning when .iap file is from different version
– added warning when .iap file is from different version
– loudspeaker setup dialog: -disable sub as copy location for channel copy (not supported)
– support new features: eq gain (outputs) and orientation (presets)
– support extended IAP gain trim range and new channel mute
– improved forward/backwards compatiblity between IAP firmwares
– accelerated communication with IAP

IAP Calibration Software

– improved audio handling
– improved audio handling
– new measurement gain for each loudspeaker, this is useful in special cases when gains highly vary
– workflow improvements
– new disable selected eq function (great for AB listening)
– there there is a button “Apply BMGT XO” to apply bass management crossovers’ on all plots where applicable
– now one can include only subwoofers in plots
– spk include now respects channel linking, if on that is whole ch link group is added/removed
– phantom sub is now only shown for included subs -so one can investigate performance of any subs combinations
– waterfall plot: added time-range parameter
– time plot added filter option, aiding crossover phase alignment
– accelerated communication with IAP, especially noticable when using revert and before/after functions
– add individual loudspeaker gains for measurement (expert feature)
– support extended IAP gain trim range and new channel mute
– many small improvements & bug fixes