Headphones 3D v2

Even though our original Headphones 3D algorithm had been designed with computational complexity and memory requirements in mind (it could run on the smallest Blackfin with 32kB of program and data memory, also it run on an ARM Cortex M4 with less than 100 MHz), we have frequently seen potential applications, where the already low requirement was still too high (e.g. wireless bluetooth headsets with a modest DSP already busy with audio decoding). This was our original motivation to develop a new line of algorithms, with minimal MIPS and memory requirements.

The new algorithm is purely time domain based, but incorporating all the experiences we gained during the multi-year development of the original Headphones 3D. The head related transfer functions were replaced with a low complexity IIR-filter based model, enabling also “free” support head tracking.

Initially our goal was mostly to reduce MIPS and memory requirements, but it turned out that the new algorithm performs very well. Halving requirements, while improving performance, adding head tracking and in addition to stereo and 5.1, native 7.1 support.

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