Illusonic gives free access to some of its algorithms to selected pro users through its Test-Balloon Plugins program. The plugins are provided as is. We appreciate feedback and feature requests.


Immersive Upmix

Word’s most flexible upmix and downmix. Many signal formats from mono/stereo up to 9.1.6 are supported as input and output.

More highlights:

unique center channel technology

spatial effects with minimal coloration

superb single channel quality


Immersive Binaural

Converts signals, from mono, stereo, up to 9.1.6 to binaural signals optimized for headphones listening.

The plug-in can also be used for object rendering, thanks to full 3DOF rotation.

More highlights:

virtual acoustic, minimizing coloration

random head tracking

phantom center to center conversion

dereverb to address problem of reverb cascades



Clarity is a low-delay dereverb and eq plug-in. Its internal buffer size is 1 ms and otherwise operates with zero delay.

You can use Clarity for dereverberating mono, stereo, and multichannel (up to 8) tracks. Early reflections length, reverb strength, and reverb time are specified in four bands (bass, low, mid, high). Simplest usage is to just use Clarity Strength control to adapt the dereverb to a track. Or, listen to the bands in solo to subjectively set these parameters.

Another application of Clarity is live sound. Use EQ to refine the sound and Clarity to reduce acoustic feedback.


A/B-Format Decoder

The ultimate first order Ambisonics decoder. Supporting A-Format, B-Format, Double-MS, Triple-MS, and A.1-Format as input.

Renders signal to mono, stereo, and up to 9.1.6.

Binaural output option converts Ambisonics signals directly to binaural headphones signals.

More highlights:

adaptive A-Format phase-alignment gives great directivity pattern up to > 10kHz

beamforming renders signals in spatial resolution like high order Ambisonics

direct / diffuse control attenuates or emphasizes reverb in the recording

diffuse multichannel de-correlation for great envelopment

Live Plugins

Immersive Upmix, Immersive Binaural, and Clarity plugins are available as a special low-delay version, for live and monitoring applications.


Become a Tester

Apply to the Test-Balloon Plugins program via email with contact info and affiliation.