IAP is like a Swiss Army Knife for audio and acoustics. It provides unique functionalities for optimizing almost any sound system and room.



IAP come come with two, or up to 16 channels, with high quality DA converters. Almost any type of source can connect. Phono, digital, USB, network, and even HDMI. It is not a PC. It does not need cooling and uses a dedicated signal processor. It has advanced pre-amplifier features.

Signal Processing



High precision filters, crossovers, and bass management linearize the system and optimise it for the room.



An entirely unique technique, beyond room eq, making bass dryer and sound less resonating.



Makes the sound more spacious than your room would normally allow. Optimally uses all available loudspeakers.



Localisation quality of an acoustic concert? Add a center loudspeaker and enjoy the world’s best center channel processing.

Accompanying Software


IAP Configuration

You can perfectly customize IAP to your sound system. Hide unused inputs, rename inputs, and define sound presets. You can save, backup, and restore all IAP settings.


IAP Calibration

A well implemented filter itself is not per see “good” or “bad”. Filters become useful only if they manipulate a signal in a way to achieve a desired result. IAP Calibration is the most powerful acoustic measurement, analysis, and optimisation software available - anywhere!

Based on a series of multi-point measurements, a professional can optimize a system with IAP Calibration, no matter how complex it is, without a need for re-measuring the result. This is possible thanks to IAP Calibration’s capability to simulate the result of applying filters, crossovers, and combining loudspeakers.

Perfectly optimizing your system and room is as simple as this: measure your system, send the data to us, and we’ll optimize it for you with IAP Calibration. Load the result into IAP and you are set.