Illusonic’s strength is to connect research to product development. This vertical approach enables highly efficient uncompromised solutions.


Illusonic Powered Products

Our audio technologies are used in a wide variety of professional and consumer products, such as broadcast audio processors, digital microphones, cinema processors, tele-conferencing systems, audio production plug-ins, web-cams, and televisions.

Working with Illusonic


Our technologies can be licensed. Licensing terms are flexibly chosen to fit each specific case.

Custom Development

We also develop custom solutions for customers. These may or may not include Illusonic background IP.

Broad Know How

We have an exceptionally broad portfolio of audio technologies and know how. To get an idea, browse through the above categories.


This is not our main business, but we have in the past done a few consulting projects.


For almost 20 years we have relentlessly accumulated know how and optimized C code implementing it. We have dozens of ready-to-use technologies and furthermore can in record-time generate product-ready libraries from our hundreds of optimized DSP modules. Below is a selection of our technologies.


Immersive Soundbar

Flexible solution for simple and complex soundbars. Many configurations are supported for rendering stereo and immersive sources. Features include acoustic spatial rendering, input/output eq, loudness, bass enhancement, and dynamic processing.


Loudspeaker Optimizer

Versatile solution for small and large loudspeakers, featuring input/output eq, tone control, loudness, bass emphasis, dynamic processing, active crossovers, and resampling. Supports up to int32/float32 and 384kHz sampling rate.


Acoustic Echo Control

Acoustic echo control solution scaling from robust low complexity echo control to high end echo cancellation. Our new macOS or Windows based test-bed allows real-time evaluation with a PC.


Immersive Upmix

First Illusonic upmix-based product came to market in 2007, a broadcast stereo to 5.1 upmix processor. Several Illusonic powered third party broadcast and pro audio plug-ins, modules, and processors followed. In 2011 we launched our own Hi-Fi upmix processor with up to 16 channels. Recently, we extended to 32 channels and launched a specific version for automotive.



When a speaker is not very close to a microphone, the resulting recording has often too much room reverb in it. De-Reverb is instantly converging and attenuates room reverberation from speech and music signals.



An entirely new way of room adaptation. Audio signals are modified such that they resonate less in a room. Sound is as if the room would be more acoustically treated. Clarity works in the whole room, not only in sweet spot.


Acoustic Beamformer

Illusonic’s patented acoustic “beam-shaping” technology simulates a virtual higher order directive microphone, based on at least two first order microphone capsules. The directivity of the simulated microphone’s signal is higher than that of any real microphone, while maintaining high signal fidelity.


Membrane Excursion Limiter

Usually a loudspeaker gets first to its limit for low frequencies, where membrane excursion is high. This limiter estimates membrane excursion and drives a limiter based on this information. No need for a sensor and it works on consumer loudspeakers without high requirement on matched performance.


Noise Suppression

Capsule noise, electric noise, electronic noise, and environmental acoustic noise are removed from microphone signals. Audio artifacts are minimized by employing perceptual principles.


Immersive Headphones

Optimizing stereo, surround, and immersive sources for a natural headphones listening experience. The ears get natural listening cues as if listening to an acoustic concert.


Measurement and Tuning

Measurement & tuning system, supporting up to 64 loudspeaker channels and 64 microphone positions. Remote tuning is supported in many ways, such as simulation of eqs, combinations of acoustic signals, and auralization.


Microfone SNR Booster

Based on measurements of a microphone’s free-field response and its acoustic and electronic noise limits, Illusonic’s SNR Booster technology increases the practically effective SNR.


Acoustic Feedback Reducer

Attacking the problem on its root, our acoustic feedback reducer dereverberates the microphone signal, resulting in cleaner sound and a higher feedback threshold.


Surround From XY

The signals of conventional XY stereo microphones are processed to simulate five virtual microphones to generate a discrete 5.1 surround audio signal.


Dynamic Range

Variation in level, piano - forte - fortissimo, is an important aspect of many musical works. When listening to music casually, less loud with less focus, too much level variations are fatiguing. Dynamic range remasters music in real-time for effortless casual listening.


Smartspeaker Canceler

When listening to music or radio on a smartspeaker, keyword detection is impaired, because the music gets into the microphone signals. Our Smartspeaker Music Canceler optimizes cancellation and distortion trade-off for the keyword detection task and ASR. The canceler can also be configured for teleconferencing.


A/B-Format HiRes Decoder

A/B-Format microphones are compact devices for recording a soundfield in 3D. Illusonic A/B-Format decoder converts such recordings to high resolution multi-channel signals, up to 9.1.6 immersive.


A/B-Format Binauralizer

Converts A and B-Format signals to binaural. Advanced spatial analysis followed by mapping the signal to head related transfer functions yields high spatial resolution and high quality result. 3DOF Headtracking is supported.


CalibrationTool Automotive

Measurement & tuning system, supporting up to 64 loudspeaker channels and 64 microphone positions. With real-time DSP, remoted tuning, and auralization.


Acoustic Direction Analysis

Reliable real-time estimation of directions of talkers. Adverse effects of reflections and reverb are mitigated.