Good products that stick out of the crowd are not just commodities. Creativity and know how from different directions flow into a good product design. Hardware design, OS/firmware requirements, and audio algorithms need to each match requirements.


We have been involved in technical product design for nearly hundred products and can help with shaping technical specifications for products.


Typically we have been consulting in these ways:

Non-Recurring Engineering

Together with a license, a customer may seek more support or customization. In this case, we work with NRE fees. For example, we have measured and pre-tuned all parameters of a high-end soundbar (crossovers, eq, load-control limiters, spatial effect). Or, adapted echo canceler to specific hardware.

Custom Research & Development

In this scenario we research or develop for you. We have for example custom-developed soundbar beamformers, acoustic echo control, wide stereo recording for mobile phones, and several contributions to ISO MPEG audio international standard codecs. Custom developments may or may not use Illusonic background IP.