A 5.1 surround setup is not only great for movies, but also for music.


Two additional rear loudspeakers for an enhanced surround immersion.

3D 7.1

The 3D 7.1 system adds 2 height loudspeakers to 5.1. The impression of volume/depth is improved, as well as immersion and size of optimal listening area.


Surround without center.


Enhanced surround without center.

Stereo + Center

Addition of a center loudspeaker to a stereo system gives a remarkably improved listening experience. Not only do listeners from anywhere in the room hear a precise sound stage, but also the perception of immersion and volume/depth are improved.

Apartment Wall

A 3D sound experience, for listeners everywhere in the room, based on 5 frontal loudspeakers.


Enjoy the flexibility of using up to four subwoofers with bass management.

Active Crossovers

Up to 4-way active cross overs, seamlessly integrated with Illusonic room equalization.