Stereo + Center

Addition of a center loudspeaker to s stereo system gives a remarkably improved listening experience. Not only do listeners from anywhere in the room hear a precise sound stage, but also the perception of immersion and volume/depth are improved.

Apartment Wall

A 3D sound experience, for listeners everywhere in the room, based on 5 frontal loudspeakers.


A 5.1 loudspeaker setup benefits greatly, by adapting music to be optimally reproduced, using all loudspeakers. But also movies with surround sound tracks benefit, by not only using the surround channels for effects, but by creating an immersive space around the listener.

3D 9.1

As an example of a surround system with more channels than conventional systems, the 3D 9.1 system adds 4 height loudspeakers. The impression of volume/depth is improved, as well as immersion and size of optimal listening area.

Many More

In addition to the above shown four example loudspeaker setups, many more are supported. See IAP 16 Owner’s Manual for more information.