Music Room

At Illusonic, we love music and live concert.

While we are not amazing musicians to perform directly, we provide a means to turn your HiFi system and room into a great venue for enjoying music.

We have been working very hard to create the ultimate device which turns your lounge into a music room.

We started from the fact that that the room makes half of the sound of your system, then we chose the best components for our devices and developed the Music Room Turnkey Concept.

Not only are you getting a superb piece of technology, but Illusonic provides its customer a full set of services:

Based on your wishes and your HiFi strategy, you get advise from your Illusonic consultant. He will advise you on which Illusonic Audio Processor (IAP) fits your needs the best.

Professional acoustic measurement of your room is done by your Illusonic consultant.

Using our in-house highly sophisticated software, all your acoustic data will be analysed and processed to give the best performance to your system in your room, not only at the sweet spot but in your whole room or house.

From now on, all your sources connected to your Illusonic Audio Processor (IAP), will profit from the room calibration and immersive capability provided by Illusonic.

Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab 2 (Montreux Jazz Cafe, Lausanne, Switzerland), calibrated by Illusonic IAP and  immersive sound from stereo archive (picture © Joël Tettamanti / EPFL+ECAL Lab).