Patrik Schwitter | Sunhill Project-Studio

Patrik Schwitter is a reknown engineer and producer of 900 music productions. Amongst many others, he has worked with artists of Madonna, Sting, Miles Davis, Peter Gabriel, and Stevie Wonder productions.

This is what Patrik says about the Immersive Audio Processor: “How does this precious black box from Illusonic achieve it, to generate from a conventional stereo signal a 15.1 surround signal, that sounds so natural and unaltered? Above all, the sound elements of the music are not diluted, but are extracted and refined, and reproduced over the many loudspeakers. But even with just two or three loudspeakers, the listening experience is surprisingly enhanced. The listening ears are delighted. I am amazed!”.

Alexandre Lavanchy | CEO of ABC PCB

ABC PCB, located near lake Geneva in Switzerland, is reknown for high-end audio electronic design and manufacture. Their trademark red electronic boards stand for outstanding electronic design and excellent quality.

ABC has been responsible for the Immersive Audio Processor’s electronic design and hardware programming. ABC manufactures the electronics and assembles the Immersive Audio Processor.

Hear what Alexandre Lavanchy, CEO of ABC, says about the Immersive Audio Processor: