Better Sound at Home

High-end listening pleasure requires a high quality HiFi system. A system  that sounds flawless in the dealer’s demo room, often falls short of excellence in the home: booming bass, imbalanced midrange, too sharp highs, and a disintegrated sound image.

To make your HiFi system sound ideal in your living space, it has to be calibrated for the room. Illusonic Audio Processors (IAPs) provide all the functions needed for such optimization. Illusonic offers to each customer of its processors a professional calibration and room equalization service. An experienced professional calibrates your system.

Depending on the IAP model (IAP 2IAP 4, IAP 8IAP 16), also subwoofers, crossovers, and multi-channel systems are optimized.

Analog and digital sources directly connect to IAP which directly connects to amplifiers, such that all sources benefit from the calibration. There are no unnecessary signal transmissions and conversions.

IAP explanation and overview: read the new booklet in EnglishGerman, or French.